The story is the most important aspect of photography. 

We love to take a person on a journey and create something that they will remember forever. Our approach to all of our work is to first and foremost tell your story. From the very first shot, whether it’s a full gallery of photos or a film capturing your day, it should be uniquely yours. How did the two of your get to this day? Where did it start? All you’ve experienced along the way - the ups and the downs and everything in between - is at the forefront of our minds when we release the shutter. Your wedding is the culmination of so much time, energy, love, and emotion. While at the same time, just the beginning of an epic journey. A wedding photographer or videographer needs to possess the ability to tell that story in a way that will be felt and cherished even still when you’re showing it to your grandchildren. 


The founder of Yoder & Co., photography, art, and design have always been significant interests throughout Scott's life. He loves to help people create and capture awesome moments they can hold on to for the rest of their lives.

Having spent years honing his craft and perfecting his skills, Scott brings a unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and a warm personality to every wedding he photographs. His ability to capture authentic emotions and genuine connections is what sets him apart, allowing couples to relive their special day through stunning images that evoke joy, romance, and timeless beauty.

When not spending countless hours editing, Scott spends a lot of time enjoying life with his wife, Charity, and four rambunctious kiddos. Charity and Scott have spent the last ten years as foster parents and both have a passion for helping children in need. Scott's other passions include music, art, and the local church.


Naomi has been shooting weddings with Scott for several years. They have a strong family connection (she is Scott's sister-in-law) which enables them to work great with each other.

Naomi has loved photography since a young age and has developed that love into a beautiful craft. She seamlessly blends photojournalistic and artistic styles, resulting in a captivating visual narrative. Her attention to detail is evident in every shot, from the exquisite bridal portraits to the candid expressions shared between loved ones. Naomi creates images that are emotionally powerful.

She is every bride's best friend. Being always prepared and ever aware of every possible hiccup or snag. She's got you covered!

Her 3 beautiful children keep Naomi and her husband, Daniel, constantly on their toes. They love spending time playing games, horseback riding, and cooking. They are also very involved in their church and volunteer their time serving in youth ministries.


Interestingly enough, Scott and Chris first met when Chris and his wife Lisa, hired Scott to photograph their wedding. They all instantly became great friends and stayed close long after the wedding.

Chris's approach to wedding videography is characterized by his unobtrusive presence and ability to capture intimate moments without disrupting the natural flow of the day. His talent lies in his ability to anticipate and immortalize those spontaneous, heartfelt interactions, ensuring that nothing is missed.

From sweeping aerial shots to beautifully composed close-ups, his attention to detail and composition result in breathtaking footage that showcases the beauty and grandeur of each wedding.

When Chris isn't behind the camera, he's behind the wheel of his cruiser. Chris has served as a police officer for ten years and is an Army veteran.

Chris, Lisa, and their daughter love spending time camping, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. His passions also include playing guitar and chicken farming. But most of all, he loves being a dad.